"We enter into things in ignorance. There is no other way."

As promised, my very slightly NSFW tiny story, "Forestiere Underground Gardens" in this month's issue of Spilled Milk Magazine!!!! 

It feels appropriate for this story to be published in October, the same month as our wedding anniversary, as this story is very much about our first years of marriage, when we'd moved across the country to Central Valley, California, which was in the middle of a terrible drought. Most days, the sky was so clogged with dust and pollution, the nearby mountains were invisible. This tiny story gives a glimpse into what it feels like to be so far from home in a place that is so foreign as to feel almost inhabitable.

If you have a moment, give it and/or the whole issue a read!! I particularly love the first short short (Jade Quinn's "How to Eat Yourself") and Yuxi Lin's "Field Notes".